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  • Internal Diameter: 19.68ft / 6 Mts
  • Height Max to center: 9.84ft / 3 Mts
  • Useful Area: 304.61 sqft / 28.30 Mts
  • Unfinished Wall Thickness: 3.94 Inches / 10 Cms
  • Unfinished Dome Weight: 330 lbs / 150Kgs

  • EPS always comes in green
  • EPS helps make construction projects environmentally friendly.
  • Lower energy consumption reduces co² emissions
  • Is inert and stable
  • Does not produce contaminating leachates
  • Has never contained CFC, HCFC, or HFC, all harmful to earth's ozone layer

  • Recycling
  • EPS is 100% recyclable.
  • It can be ground into granules and reincorporated into new EPS products. Or it can be thermally processed into a resin that’s used to manufacture other new products

Benefits of the Dome

  • Excellent survivability against natural disasters
    Withstands earthquakes
  • Non-flammable
  • Mold does not grow on our material
  • Self insulated

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