Floor Plans

"A revolutionary building material that is quickly becoming popular across the globe"

Floor plans below illustrate how easy it is to configure one or multiple domes to suit any situation. Connect as many as you would like, be creative with your personal architecture. Domes are available with all this progressive technology for a mere fraction of traditional energy in-efficient construction.

Think of the Possibilities.

Each dome consists of 8 pieces that are fastened together, then concreted and textured. Assembly of the dome takes less than a day which cuts the cost of labor tremendously. The possibilities of use for the domes are endless! Here are a few examples of what the dome can be used for:

  • Single Family Homes  
  • Hurricane & Storm Shelter  
  • Mother in Law Suites  
  • Spas 
  • Additional Covered Parking 
  • Saunas 
  • Pool Houses 
  • Game Rooms 
  • Office Space 
  • Game Room 
  • Man Cave 
  • Storage 
  • Hunting/Fishing Cabin 
  • Military 
  • Emergency Housing 
  • Quarantine 
  • Backyard Cabana 
  • Recreational Centers 
  • Contruction Site Office 
  • Worker Housing 
  • Green Energy Subdivision of the Future 
  • International Housing Solution 

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  • Internal Diameter: 19.68ft / 6 Mts
  • Height Max to center: 9.84ft / 3 Mts
  • Useful Area: 304.61 sqft / 28.30 Mts
  • Unfinished Wall Thickness: 3.94 Inches / 10 Cms
  • Unfinished Dome Weight: 330 lbs / 150Kgs

  • EPS always comes in green
  • EPS helps make construction projects environmentally friendly.
  • Lower energy consumption reduces co² emissions
  • Is inert and stable
  • Does not produce contaminating leachates
  • Has never contained CFC, HCFC, or HFC, all harmful to earth's ozone layer

  • Recycling
  • EPS is 100% recyclable.
  • It can be ground into granules and reincorporated into new EPS products. Or it can be thermally processed into a resin that’s used to manufacture other new products

Benefits of the Dome

  • Excellent survivability against natural disasters
    Withstands earthquakes
  • Non-flammable
  • Mold does not grow on our material
  • Self insulated

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